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There are two fundamental ways in
which the cost of a solar power system is offset.


When a renewable energy system is installed, a quantity of certificates (STC’s) are issued relative to the amount of greenhouse gasses that are saved during a conservative lifespan of the system. These can then be traded to re-coup some of the costs of the system installation.

TFA Solar can give you four options.

Option 1 – choose not to create and sell your STCs. The selling of your STCs allows for a company to purchase these STCs to offset their pollution of our planet.

Option 2 – retain your STCs (for a maximum period of 12 months) from the date of the installation of your system. The current value is around $33.00 per STC. The STC value fluctuates similar to the stock market, it is your decision on whether you sell these straight after the installation of your solar system or wait and see if the value of the STC increases. Once sold the Broker will forward your payment within around 60 days. After the 12-month period has expired, the number of STCs for your system will reduce dramatically; to avoid this, TFA Solar recommends that you sell your STCs at least 2 months prior to the 12-month period expiring.

Option 3 – TFA Solar will offer to purchase your STCs as a “Point of Sale Discount”.

Option 4 – TFA Solar can submitt your STCs with the “Clearning House”. For more information on this option, please contact us in the office.

Feed-In Tariff

The Feed-In Tariff offered by the Australian Government through SA Power Networks has finished as of the 1 October 2013.

A Small Embedded Generator application will still have to be applied for for any new system.

Once a solar system has been installed to its peak approved capacity and you would like to increase the capacity of your system; you are required to apply to SA Power Networks for an upgrade to an existing system. This will make yourself ineligible for ANY Government Feed-In Tariff you may be entitled to from that point forward.

Here is a link to the Government information webpage – click here