Is your solar system solar-check 300
earning you money
or losing it ?!

TFA Solar recommends that you service and clean your panels at least once a year to maximise the benefit of your solar system and to reduce your carbon footprint on the world around you.

We believe that your solar power system - grid connect or stand alone - should be checked for efficiency and damage to ensure that you are getting the best outcome.

clean and well maintained solar panels are vital
Service Level 1
Regular service of your solar panels gives you peace of mind around your investment.
well maintained solar power systems safe money
Service Level 2
Ensure that your solar power system is operating safely and secure maximum output.


Our dedicated team will come to your home, inspect, clean and if needed provide you with a proposal for any work that is required to bring your solar system back to the most efficient production output.

Is your Solar Power System working efficiently ?
Call TFA Solar to have the integrity of your system assessed.

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