Servicing & Repairs

Is your solar power system earning you money or losing it ?!

Dirty Panels can contribute to a loss of at most 7% of your panels production, and sneaky low productions from inverters running at low capacity are things that can fly under your busy radar.

At TFA Solar we don’t have a ‘set & forget’ value with our customers or any household with solar. If your system is in need of a check-up or you have an issue you need fixed, we are happy to help.

We believe that your solar power system – Grid Connect or Stand Alone – should be checked regularly for efficiency and damage to ensure that you are getting the best outcome.

We are happy to come and give your system a once over, explain any issues found and get your system back up to producing like new!

Inverter Swaps

Whether you’ve had a fault found in your inverter by us, want to upgrade or been told to replace your inverter, the TFA Solar Team are readily equipped to help.

Your existing inverter will be assessed, and Jason will discuss possible options to go in its place.
You’ll be able to slowly find an inverter that matched your needs, budget and remaining system.

A quote will be sent out for you to look over then we’ll find a day from Monday to Saturday to pencil you in, order the materials and be there shortly to get that system up and saving you money again.


Our Staff members are always happy to help and answer any questions you have before, during and after your install.

Fault Finding & Repairs

We offer to come and inspect your solar power system if either you or its monitoring systems, feel that it’s not working correctly.
We can then go through the system and work out where the fault is.

This can be a faulty inverter, a panel that is damaged, an isolator that is burned out or anything else.

From there we’ll either do our best to repair the issues we can at the time, or reschedule another time to come back.

In the unlikely chance we find an issue that is dangerous (a potential fire risk), there is a high chance we’ll shut your solar power system down until the issue is fixed or replaced.

Cleaning & General Service

TFA Solar recommends that you service and clean your panels at least once a year to maximise the benefit of your solar system and to reduce your carbon footprint on the world around you. While there, we give your system a once-over to check that it’s still producing fine and no issues could arise. 

Our set call-out fee and per panel rate makes it easy for you to assess your investment to keep your Solar System going.

Our dedicated team will come to your home, inspect, clean and if needed, provide you with a proposal for any work that is required to bring your solar system back to the most efficient production output.


Some Tips from the Experts

Watch out for trees or bushes nearby that produce a lot of pollen yearly!
Pollen can gather on panels reducing their effectiveness.

Birds find ways to build nests anywhere, even under panels!
If you think your system is being nested in, just give us a ring and we’re happy to help.

Don’t hesitate to give us a ring in the office on (08) 8390 0096 to talk to us about our services or fill in the contact form below.

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