Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Have the flexibility of battery storage with access to the grid, suitable for evening electricity users.

In simple terms, a Hybrid System is an on-grid system with batteries.

How this works is that the panels produce power during the day and prioritise powering the home first, while any excess power is then stored in the batteries rather than exported to the grid.
Only once the batteries are fully charged will any excess power be exported to the grid.

During the night the batteries provide power to generally a select few electrical circuits within your home; your fridge for example. 


We recommend one of two system setups to our customers, to be tailored to budget, usage, and preference:

One is the installation of one hybrid inverter. This is an inverter that converts the power from the panels to usable AC power for the home, as well as regulates and monitors the battery side of the system. 

This is often a more economical solution and has some restrictions on the different available settings within the inverter. Even then, it works very efficiently and certainly reduces any power bills.

The second distinction is the installation of two inverters.
One inverter is for the panel operation and the second inverter is for the battery control.
With this second inverter many more setting options are available and can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

When it comes to batteries, TFA Solar has been working with different battery types and makes for over 20 years and can provide individualised options to suit you best.

During the initial consultation, we work out with you what part of your bill you wish to cover with solar/batteries.  This can range from just a little to almost all of it, depending on your budget.

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