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Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

An off-grid system is when you are not connect to the grid.  This could be because you wish not to connect to the grid or the cost of connecting to the grid is above what you consider reasonable.

In this instance, we work with you to establish what sort of power you require in the home and design a system to suit your requirements and your budget.

For us to understand how much power you require to be provided by your off’-grid system, we need to understand what items/appliances you wish to use, how often you wish to use them and how much power they draw.  We can work this out in the initial consultation, or you can think about this in more detail prior to the consultation by working with the attached forms.

An off-grid solar power systems can provide all the power you require for your home.  This can be achieved by solely having panels, inverter and batteries in your set up or to reduce the inverter and battery establishment costs, a generator can be worked into the initial calculations.

TFA Solar is happy to help you understand how an off-grid solar power system can help provide you with all the power you need to live off the grid.  Give us a call on 8390 0096 or fill in the contact form.