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We know solar,
because we live solar!

At TFA Solar,
Solar Power is not an empty phrase.

Jason Jeffries, the Proprietor of TFA Solar, has been working in the Solar Power Industry for over a decade.  He was accredited with the CEC (Clean Energy Council) over a decade ago and has been constantly learning about new equipment and skills in this changing industry.

TFA Solar is licensed to design and install Grid Connect, Hybrid and Stand-alone PV Solar Systems as well as upgrading existing systems.

Solar Power Systems have become more a part of our lives in recent years and in 2012 TFA Solar expanded into the servicing of these systems. Ensuring that a solar power system is running efficiently, is safe and produces to its optimum levels are the key factors in servicing any solar power system.

TFA Solar operates from a large workshop in the Adelaide Hills and is powered by a large Grid Connect System. This system is designed to power the entire workshop facilities, the day to day running of the offices and amenities. It is also designed to adjust to the increasing power consumption as the workshop grows.

Jason and his team are passionate about designing the most efficient solar power system for your home. They will consult with you to ascertain the power used by your home; effectively reduce your power bills or to help you take advantage of the sun’s green energy. All of this within your budget. Our initial discussions ensure that your system is designed with you in mind. We ensure that we understand the kind of savings you are after and design a system to suit. From Grid Connect, Stand Alone or Hybrid – we can help you.

CEC Accreditation

Jason Jeffries is our accredited installer who obtained his accreditation back in 2018.  TFA Solar only uses Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

Our pride is in the highest quality of advice, components and installation.