Battery Systems

Add a battery to your system to make the most of your power

A Battery system utilises the power produced by your solar in sequence; it prioritises the house first to cover any immediate usage, then charges the batteries with the rest.

The goal is to reduce as much of your grid usage as possible, and conserve the power produced by the panels during the day to run the house at night from the batteries.


Hybrid Solar Power System

For Hybrid systems, the Grid is still accessible. If you have excess power you are able to export it, and if you’re batteries run flat you can still import power, while being supported if the grid fails.

Retro-Fitted Battery System

This option is to Retro-Fit a Battery system to any sort of existing solar systems on a home.

If not replacing the existing system, the battery system is and can be installed as a secondary system on your house. If only battery storage is wanted, an inverter and battery will be installed. If more power is wanted for the house, panels can also be tied into the battery system.

Off-Grid Solar Power System

Off-Grid systems are completely self-sufficient, similar to growing all your own food. Bigger batteries set-up to run a house are installed and backup generators can be connected as a safety net. 

These systems are perfect for homes unable to connect to the grid, or homes with special circumstances. These are specially designed systems based around your power needs, location and budget.

Time-of-use Tariffs or joining a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) may provide additional savings when a battery is installed.

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