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How we work with you

We assume that everyone
requires an individual system.

The critical part of our service incorporates an in-depth on-site system analysis ensuring that you are quoted for a system that suits all of your needs. We pride ourselves in being able to configure a system that is unique to each property

We always start with an individual quote.

Your quote will include the supply and installation of a PV Solar System which includes all components of the solar power system. There is one other cost that will have to be added to our price and that is the cost for the import/export meter which is organised through your electricity retailer.

Our Service continues through to gaining all approval documentation from SA Power Networks.  This process may take a couple of days and you will receive a confirmation email from SA Power Networks.

If you are in the process of building, we can organise a First Fix of Cables. We are more than happy to communicate with your builder to organise a time to gain access to the property for the First Fix to be completed.

Please note that if you require a tilted frame, for example for installation on a flat roof, Council Approval needs to be obtained. We are happy to provide you with this service, however, application and approval fees will need to be on-charged to you.

If asbestos is present, we are able to engage an Asbestos Handling Company to help us with your installation. The Asbestos Handling Company will be required to be onsite during the installation and particularly whilst working on the penetration into the walls, ceiling and roof as and where the asbestos is present. A quotation for the additional charge of the Asbestos Handling Company will be supplied to you in your formal quotation.

As prices for systems can change on a weekly basis, we suggest you contact us directly for an individual quote. Our prices are very compatible. We will only install equipment we can vouch for and know will last for many years to come, thus giving you peace of mind.

Please be aware that we are a small, local company and the process for payment is as follows:

1st payment: deposit of $1,000.00;

2nd payment: the full amount less $2,000.00

and the final

3rd payment: is $1,000.00 + any unforeseeable charges payable after installation.

Our Terms of Trade can be downloaded here.