On-Grid Solar Power Systems

Connect your solar to the house for day-time consumers

An On-Grid System is made up of panels and an inverter(s) and off-sets your day-time consumption.
That is rather than buying electricity from the grid, you use the electricity being provided from the panels.

If you are not currently using power or only a little, then the excess is feed into the grid.
This system is good for reducing your power bill as once you start using more than what your panels produce, you start taking from the grid again. This is usually on cloudy days, at night, or when high consumption items are turned on at once (eg. dishwasher and washing machine). 

When we design a system, our aim is to install enough panels to provide for your day-time consumption.



Make you system completely ready to add a battery

The next step is a Battery-Ready System.

As the name suggests, with a Hybrid inverter you can create a system that is completely ready for a battery component to be installed within their compliancy. It will function similar to an On-Grid system, as it covers your day-time energy consumption while you rely on the grid when the sun goes down, until a battery is installed.

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