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On-Grid Solar Power Systems

An On-Grid system comprises panels and inverter(s).  A simple “how does this work” explanation is: the panels produce power during sunlight hours which is provided to the house.  If the house does not use all the power provided at that moment in time, the excess power is fed into the grid. And if the house requires more than what the solar array provides, the extra is drawn in from the grid.

When a solar power system is designed, the aim is to install enough kilowatts of panels to provide power for day time consumption.  In general this is worked out as an average throughout the year.

When a string inverter is used, most inverters come with a wifi connect-ability to allow the production of the panels to be viewed online.  A suitable wifi set up is of course required from the house.

Micro inverters offer a couple of options when it comes to flexibility of system and availability of information.  A micro inverter system can be expanded at any time with as many or as little panels as desired.  A string inverter set up does not offer this flexibility.

The micro inverter system offers monitoring of production of system per panel and the consumption of power within the home.  This information is available online, so requires wifi connection.  When information on consumption is viewed, this can help with the management of how power is used and when.

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