EV Chargers

We can install EV Chargers for your home, solar or not.

With the rise of electric cars in recent times, there has been a precedent of people looking to install EV Chargers in their home. At TFA Solar we are able to order, install, and commission EV Chargers for your home – Solar or not.

For those with Solar power systems, some brands of solar producers also manufacture EV Chargers that can be connected into their monitoring app. Some also have settings that can charge an electric car off of the excess power ready to be exported after the house is sufficiently powered.

If you are looking at including an EV Charger when installing your solar, let us know and we can have them installed on the same day.

Please give us a ring in the office on (08) 8390 0096 to talk to us about your options or fill in the contact form below.

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