Meet the TFA Solar Team

These are the local experts you can trust.


Despite his camera-shy appearance here, Jason, the Boss of TFA Solar, has 10+ confident years of working in the solar industry and he brings his energy and knowledge to every site. He’s keen to take on a challenge and be the motivator of the team.




Jacob is in his 3rd year of electrical apprenticeship, gearing up to handle his weight in TFA Solar. His skill-full workmanship, attitude, and off-key singing makes him a trusted member to have on the team.


Gus is our 1st year adult apprentice. He’s been through many occupations, and decided to settle here. His mature, joyful presence alway brings a laugh to the team.



Alice is celebrating 12+ years with TFA Solar. With an Enphase system powering her own home and her expanse of knowledge, she can answer any questions you might have.



Amy is a newer addition to the TFA Solar team. With her family she’s been living with an off-grid system, and knows how to make use of it. She’ll be answering calls or mapping our your system in the office, and you might see her on site joining in.



Peter is a founding member of the company.
With his 20+ years of experience in the solar industry, he’ll create specialised systems to suit your circumstances.