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Is your solar system solar earning you money or losing it ?!

TFA Solar recommends that you service and clean your panels at least once a year to maximise the benefit of your solar system and to reduce your carbon footprint on the world around you.

We believe that your solar power system – grid connect or stand alone – should be checked for efficiency and damage to ensure that you are getting the best outcome.

Our dedicated team will come to your home, inspect, clean and if needed provide you with a proposal for any work that is required to bring your solar system back to the most efficient production output.

Is your Solar Power System working efficiently ?
Call TFA Solar to have the integrity of your system assessed.

Contact our friendly office staff to book a time.

phone : 8390 0096

or send us a short message through our Service Contact Form.

Grid Voltage issue?

Are you experiencing inverter issues that may be related to high grid voltage ?

When the grid voltage is too high, inverters must disconnect from the grid and shut down.  They will try to restart, however, if the grid voltage is still high, they will be unable to and give it a rest and then try again.

SA Power Networks have explained this and you can read more about it here.